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Monday, August 16, 2010

TPot for TPot: the story

Sorry about separate posts for this topic, Blogger seems to be acting up.

Yesterday I finished a WIP. I had crocheted the circular base a month ago or so, and yesterday I was determined to finish this.

There is a local man here who goes by the name of TPot. Everyone knows him, he is sweet, friendly, and knows his fish. He was positively delighted by the cupcake I knit for Jewel (remember that? Early July) so I decided I would knit him a TPot.

His birthday is not until October, but I wanted to get this project done long beforehand so I could show people before I gave it away. If you are reading this and know TPot, please don't tell him!

There were a number of techniques involved with this. Crocheting the base, picking up and knitting around the edges, knitting in stockinette with a decrease x2 on every other row. I cast off at the top and knit the lid separately. I placed a cardboard circle in the base for stability then stuffed it with fabric I'll never sew with. The lid was knit in the round, decreasing until I had eight stitches left, then knit a bobble. Stuffed that with a wee ball of the same hemp yarn I used to knit the whole thing with. I embroidered his name with yellow embroidery thread. If you are an embroidery expert, please don't cringe! I know my skills leave a lot to be desired.

The handle was knit in the round with two short-row shaping sections, then stuffed and attached separately. The spout is like a mitered square, also attached separately.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. This yarn unfortunately does not do justice to my skill but this will be a cherished gift nonetheless.


  1. That is AWESOME! I love your creative innovations. I have to say, though, when I first read the title and saw the photos, I thought this was the cutest, most brilliant tea pot cosy I had ever seen. Would such a thing be possible I wonder?! :)

  2. I think a a tea pot cosy that looks like this would actually be much easier to knit than this stuffed object. I would knit it in much nicer yarn and probably wouldn't need a spout or handle. I'm glad you think it's brilliant! Thanks for your comment.