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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Floundertruck arrives safely

Here is what I know:

Dan arrived at Mother Earth Brewing sometime early this afternoon local time. North Carolina is three hours ahead of me. There were many introductions to lots of nice people, some beer was imbibed. Dan was overwhelmed with the size of the place (he got lost in it) and how COOL it is and how great the people are. His temporary accommodations are great and he said "Everything we're doing is worth it", he feels like he's won the Brewery Lottery.


I wasn't too worried, actually, about this aspect. Sure we got burned when we moved to the Pacific Rim area, but we both had a good feeling about Mother Earth, the people, the place. Soon after Dan accepted the job, we all started following each other on Twitter, and Josh the Brewer has been reading my blog. (Hi Josh).

So it's good. I am so glad that Dan feels we have made the right decision. I have to say, today has been the hardest day since he left. Almost as soon as I got up this morning, I started missing Dan so much it hurt. I cried almost for two hours, including the drive to Tofino and for the first half hour of my shift. Alice, the lovely laundry lady at the hospital, brought me some peppermint tea and a box of 'good' tissues, gave me a hug. (Alice is the best!)

Missing Dan is hard. I think the hardest part is the uncertainty, of not knowing when we will be reunited. It's not like he's been deployed to Afghanistan, or has been sent off to some mission from which he might not return. We will see each other again soon. Dan tells me the folks at the brewery will help to find me a job that will get me there as soon as possible. Already I want to hug them.

I can rest a bit easier now, since starting tomorrow I will be able to communicate with Dan via Skype. I think at least being able to connect that way will be good for us both, emotionally. There is so much going on in our life right now, between driving and new job and moving and packing and cleaning and leaving a job and training up replacement and change of address and getting in a last round of visits. Every day I get asked "when is your last day?" and I don't know. I don't know! On the books it's something like the end of July, but it could well be sooner. I hope it's sooner.

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