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Thursday, June 9, 2011


YES we will be moving into the house I posted photos of. Dan moves in next week. Dan also found out there is an IKEA 30 minutes away. Coincidence?

I will be going to Victoria this coming weekend. Tomorrow after work I will make sure the house is clean for my cat sitters and for when I get home on Monday evening. Chris will come and help me load stuff I'm taking to Victoria into the truck. Hopefully by then I'll have the grass cut, and he can show me how to use the weed whacker. It really needs to be done. Weeks ago. O well.

I think I'm going to go ahead with Stitch Night. It's nice to have that routine and for the friends that come, sometimes that's our only chance to catch up on the doings of the week. With so much happening in my life right now, it seems doubly important.

I've been waking up at 5am lately, so I think I will take advantage of that on Saturday and be on the road to Victoria by 6am. Depending on Toni's schedule, I will visit her on my way into Victoria or on my way out on Monday afternoon.Toni and I met while working at the library and we have been roommates.

I'm hoping to arrive in Victoria around 1pm. I'll connect with Stacey and we will go dress shopping. I need a new dress, see, and Stacey is just the person to take me to the best dress places. She has the whole young urban hip thing going on. We met in our first year in the BSc program for Health Information Science. She was thrilled at the idea of going dress shopping. Our conversation about it happened on Twitter. She said "what do you need a dress for?" and my response was "living/playing/driving", then told her about my hussy dress that is nearing the end of its life. It's this extremely comfortable jersey knit dress that has a bold pattern and is very flattering on me. I have worn it at least once a week for the past few years and several times a week in the summer. Dan coined it "hussy dress" early on because it is rather low-cut. While I don't need the New Dress to be so sexy, I will be driving in the summer and I will be driving to a very hot place, so I'll need to have something cool to wear. And I want to look stylish.

In the evening I'll meet up with Susie and we'll go have dinner with Barbara and James. We three (me, S & B) used to work together a long time ago and it will be nice to catch up and chat.

Probably I'll be staying at The Stately. Zola's (Dan's sister) mythical friend Baz is apparently staying there at the moment so I might actually meet him and discover that he's real. I will unload the truck there of things not coming to North Carolina with us.

On Sunday morning, I will join Ursa and her family for a long-time Sunday morning breakfast tradition of banana pancakes. Ursa was my first friend on Vancouver Island when I landed here in 1995! (Can you believe it's been more than 16 years, Urs?) While I was off in Asia teaching English, she went and got herself married and pregnant, when I returned her first son (who just turned SEVEN) had just been born. How the years are galloping past.

On Sunday afternoon, I'll visit with Jen and Kirk. When I met Jen, she was living in the Fernwood House. For 10 months in 2006/7, I got to live in this house too, in a late stage of her dad's overhaul renovation. When Jen & Kirk moved back from Montreal, they started renovating a house a few doors down and I have yet to see it. The last time we saw them was in December 2009 when they were visiting at Christmas time.

I'll have dinner with Peter & Burgle on Sunday evening. I worked with Peter at the BC Cancer Agency when I did my co-op in 2007.

On Monday morning, I will show up at the Starbucks by the Fort & Foul Bay Safeway to join in the decades long tradition of the physics & IT people from the Cancer Agency of Going For Coffee. Peter will no doubt be there too plus a lot of other people I haven't seen in a while!

Then I'll meet Jeff for lunch. He was my supervisor when doing my co-op, was my sponsor basically when I did my Master's research, has been a great friend, an excellent mentor, and is one of the best job references I have ever had.

Then I'll be heading back up-island. If I didn't get to see Toni on the way down, I will stop in on my way back (or perhaps I'll see her twice!). Hopefully the Skipper will be there too.

I'm aiming to be back in Ucluelet by 6 or 7pm on Monday evening. I know I have other friends in Victoria who read my blog and aren't on this list. Please don't be offended! Know that I will definitely visit with you before I go. Part of the reason I'm making this trip is to drop off stuff, but it's also to get a bunch of visiting in. If I get a job before the Immigration stuff comes through from Dan, then I'll need to leave in a hurry and probably won't have time for one grand sweep of visiting all my friends in Victoria. So I'll visit some friends now, and will be sure to include those I missed when I make my final departure! Truth be told, visits like this are exhausting, as I will be doing a lot of talking, so it's good that I won't be doing it in one fell swoop.

Okay! That's my life for the next 96 hours

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