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Thursday, January 20, 2011

My friend Juliet

 I know I've featured Juliet before. She's the shop dog for Knits by the Sea and gets very excited when I come in. She is featured above with Bonus, who belongs to The Good People at Stellar Coffee. Here they are waiting for their people to return.

 A stitch night in December, I think. Juliet liked my fluffy jacket and decided to make herself at home.
 Here Juliet is wiggling away in her Santa outfit for the Jingle into Christmas Celebration.
 It was hard to get a non-moving photo of her.
 On Erin's lap.
There, still, at least for a moment. The shop was really busy that night and after the first hour and a half, Juliet was plum tuckered out.

I'm sure I have more photos of Juliet, because I see her a lot and she rates almost as high as my kitty on the cuteness scale. Last night at Stitch Night I had to give her a good ten minutes of scrubbing and scratching before she would walk away from me. It's nice to be adored, I tell you.

I've noticed lately that I have been spending a lot of time with dogs. I remember blogging sometime (a year ago?) about my lack of interest in dogs, but it seems everyone here on the West Coast (except me & Dan) has at least one dog. I don't mind dogs, and get along smashingly with quite a few. My favourite tricks are Belly Rub and Be the Baby (some dogs like it, some don't).

Sam, our cat, hates dogs, largely because of the dogs our former landlords had. When we first arrived, they chased Sam up a tree three times until she figured out they were dumb and could totally kick their ass (they were black lab x with something else). I've been trying to get her used to dogs being around, and have had a couple of docile dogs in the house in the past few months. There was growling and the stink eye, a constant mistrust of what that dog will do. O well.

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