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Sunday, January 30, 2011

the week that disappeared

Um... hi.

Where did this week go? Has anyone else seen it?

I worked my one and only day at the college library on Tuesday, had an offload on Wednesday, taught the last knitting session to the little girls on Thursday, snuck into Port Alberni on Friday, puttered around yesterday, and here I am now. Wondering where the week went.

I sort of hesitated to line up the training with the college library, because I was fairly certain I would be offered a job at the Tofino Hospital. But I went in anyway. It was perfectly straightforward, a library is a library after all. I have combined five years experience in libraries, I can check out books in my sleep.

The next day I had a boat to validate for and that was perfectly fine too. I like the plant, the people, and the guys on the boat were nice. The weather was good and the work easy.

Thursday we found out that the job Dan had been waiting to hear back from had hired someone else weeks ago and forgot to let him know. Nice. Unprofessional much? What is it with these flakes in Tofino? That very afternoon I got the call from the hospital, offering me the job of Inventory Assistant. Monday-Friday, 8:00-2:30. I get to wear scrubs! I start on Monday.

Suddenly my brain was working in different ways. It's not very often in my life that I've had work that was weekdays. It has almost all been shift work, evenings and weekends, casual. But to have a regular schedule and a steady paycheque! I spent an awful lot of time imagining. I had to call the college and let them know I was no longer available for them.

I remember from my time at the library that when I was living alone, my life was very orderly. My home, rather. I am hoping that my work at the hospital will insert some of that orderliness back into my life at home here, my craft room could sure use it!

So we took a spontaneous trip into Port Alberni on Friday. I need scrubs, and the Vancouver Island Health Authority will reimburse me. They were willing to lend me some until I got my own, but really I am just too excited. I got two pairs and discovered how comfy they are! Everyone says they are like wearing pajamas. I wore my scrub pants yesterday and was delighted.

I heard yesterday that my father has spent some time in the hospital where he lives, in Alberta. That he was coughing up blood, that he was there for four days. My sister and I were not told about this. Why? He hasn't been answering or returning our calls.

I have been doing knitting and crocheting too. I finished a scarf, finished a sock (have started sock #2), and have worked on the test knit for a new designer. I'm way behind where I want to be with my knitting but that's okay.

I've been exercising. I have an iPhone and have found a few great exercise apps that lead you through workouts. One, Body Fate, develops workouts for you based on what equipment you have. The NikeWomen app has a huge variety of workouts and they are easy to follow. I'm flipping back and forth between the two and am enjoying them both. Afterwards, I log my exercise into my LoseIt! app, the same place where I have been logging everything I eat since December 19th, and I have so far lost 12 pounds. It's good. I have never made a concentrated effort at weight loss before, but I was getting dangerously close to 200 and I was tired of feeling frumpy. Fitness, here I come.

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  1. congrats on losing weight! I'm working on that too :-)