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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

today's adventures: Logging Roads

 Second Bridge. We've been fishing here, have picked rosehips here, and have wondered what is on the other side of the bridge.
 A view of Kennedy Lake and Second Bridge.
  Dan taking a picture of Second Bridge.
 Logs washed up on shore. The waterline was the highest we've ever seen it, and there was much evidence of higher water levels.

 Tree art? Litter?
 So the campsites (this is an untended free campground, there are no services or garbage buckets here) are mostly on the left side, where water is now.
 Previously one of the campsites was on this side of the trees.
 Another flooded campsite.
 The things I found on the shore...

 When I lived in Victoria, a former co-worker from the library, Jonathan, once remarked on the huge amount of clothing he used to come across in the streets of the city. There were quite a few garments here too.

 An empty campstove fuel container. There was a disturbing amount of these.

 I'm guessing this used to be a pillow or some other fluffy like object.
 The view from the opposite end of the beach.
 Ok this is weird. A painted pole. What was the point of this?
 A faux-Totem pole?
 My new T-shirt. Really. It was in pretty good condition so I salvaged it. It's in the washing machine as I write.
 I like this - someone carved seats out of this log.
 Our new fork.

 View from the spot we ate our picnic lunch. It was cold.
 We kept on our driving adventure and occasionally had to jump out of the truck with our axe and hatchet and play lumberjack so we could get past. This is Before.

 My Sweety!
 Watch out! I have a weapon!
 After. On we go.
Rats. This is the After but the Before for this spot in the road was WAY more impressive. We were here hacking away for a good 20 minutes. I did take a photo but it came out as a blur.


  1. Haha! I love that you salvage things like that! I would have done the same.

    But man, those flooded areas make me extra paranoid about global warming. I should walk to work more often.

  2. O no Amanda don't worry! The lake level has nothing to do with global warming - this happens every year. I live on the coast in a rain forest - we get *inches* of rain a day on some days. Winters are always full of floods, high water levels and general wetness. Gum boots are acceptable fashion attire even for fancy occasions!

  3. look at all that garbage!! nice tshirt find too i might add! XO