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Monday, January 17, 2011

Something I sewed: aprons for the kiddies

  This is an apron for Charlize, my niece who just turned six. I should have set this next to something so you can see the scale of it, because it's big enough for an adult. That was not by design, but as I wasn't using a pattern, it just sort of came out this way.

This is the other side - I used lilac eyelet on one side, then a pale yellow striped fabric on the other. (yes, I did iron it later).

This is the apron for Chase, who is 3 1/2. This one turned out, ironically, way smaller than I was planning, but there you go. He's a boy's boy and likes bright colours, but also likes to help out in the kitchen so thought an apron would be a good thing for him too. 

The other side. Being a novice sewer, I used interfacing to stick these two bits of fabric together. It made them nice and stiff but I don't think I'd do it again.

With my craft room shaping up and getting organized, I'm really hoping to get more sewing done. Dan currently has my sewing machine in the living room where he is working on a Big Project for the home. It's taking a lot of work but it will be spectacular when it's finished. I will post about it!

At some point soon I'll dig out the fabric and pattern I bought some time ago for a sleeveless jumper (not 'sweater' as in the British sense, but as in dress). I'm dying to have some more clothing and since I have no money and TONS of fabric, it seems obvious that I need to step up my game with my seamstress skills.

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