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Monday, January 10, 2011

This week: on/off the needles/hook

The BMW and Dan's birthday sock combo. Turned the heel, and am just about ready to start the intarsia for the BMW logo. This ain't gonna be easy...

 For some reason I can't get text into the Sideways Single Crochet Scarf. I finished it last night, added tassels this morning. I have a sensitivity to wool against the skin around my neck, so I'm not sure I'll actually be able to wear it.

The next photo is the Candy Poncho, on which I have not made much progress in the last week. 

Two photos above is the Brother Amos Hellfire Lace sock pattern using Malabrigo sock yarn. A pattern from Brenda of Cast On, I started these in, Oh, I don't remember now, August? And I really need to get back to them. At the very least, because I need the needles for other projects.

And last, is a pair of stranded mittens using pink silk/merino and white aran wool. The first one fits my right hand perfectly, I did the top decrease to exactly fit the shape of my pinky finger and then the rest of the fingers. The second one... well you know how it is when you are making up a pattern as you go, finish one thing of the pair, and then weeks pass before you get to the second one. Then you wish you had made notes at least for how many stitches to cast on... So the mitt on the right will be frogged this week and then restarted. I hope it happens this week. I want to get most of these projects finished inside this month so I can spend February and March knitting Cookie A socks in preparation for the Cookie A Sock Retreat in Tofino in April. Haven't yet decided what patterns to knit but I have a lovely selection of sock yarn to choose from.

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