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Friday, July 23, 2010

almost posted to the wrong blog...

Has it been so long? Two whole days since I wrote?

Current status: reclined on sofa, relaxing after having spent the day in Port Alberni. It's the place that people around here refer to as 'Town' because it's where all the shops and services are. Dan needed boots for work and a fishing rod. We were out of rice, Asian vegetables (good old Fairways), and sweet chili sauce. Needed more containers for homemade ice cream. I found a high-vis t-shirt for work (it's that or wear those uber-bright safety vest). We had lunch at the J & L Drive In.

Drive-ins aren't really common around here, it seems like a throwback to the 70s. It sure is nice though, to be able to pull up and have an old-style messy burger. The gals don't come around on roller skates, nor do we have to shout into the speaker.

Blueberries were also on sale: 5lbs for $7.98. You know what that means: blueberry ice cream! We bought 20 pounds. Hopefully we'll get some jam out of it. Perhaps a pie.

There was something I wanted to tell you, something that I posted about on Twitter but I know not all my readers here are on Twitter. But what the heck was it? I can't remember.

Speaking of Twitter, I must express some slight irritation at some of the (lack of) etiquette people use on Twitter. I don't care if you're going to have a shower. The post that simply says 'brb' or 'bbl' is totally unnecessary, since I am not really interested in your every move. (brb = be right back; bbl = be back later). I'm not sure why these people are tweeting hundreds of times in a day - to clutter up my Twitter feed? This is the reason why I would 'unfollow' someone. I just don't have time to read about these minute unimportant details...

In case you're wondering, Truth or Consequences is now the top of The List. The conversation continues, but even so we're still looking at six months at a minimum. I have to be honest, Dan and I are getting a bit tired of the fog. See, we get something like eight months of winter (read: rain) here, and a warmish non-winter season that is often foggy or muggy. The desert is starting to look really good. I just want to be warm. Dan prefers the heat.

We saw a bear cub this morning!

O! That guy whose head got mangled by a bear at Taylor Flats the other day lives on the street next to where we used to live. (He lived, btw).

I really should go nap before work tonight. I'm doing a live offload at the government dock, then heading over to my favourite plant for the rest. It's Ukee Days this weekend so with any luck, we'll actually get some time off.


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