Mr, Cupcake at Craters of the Moon

Mr, Cupcake at Craters of the Moon
Mr. Cupcake at Craters of the Moon

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

it's just wrong

What do you do when your father brings home a woman younger than you are to be your stepmother?

She's 31.


I'm 36. My sister is 32.

I'm still a bit stunned.


  1. Wow. You know, I'm not sure I ever expected this to really come to anything, it just all seemed so improbable. But maybe it's at 31 that you're willing to do anything to start a new life? So many questions...

  2. That's sort of what my sister and I were thinking. And that since he didn't have any luck with women who were closer to his age, he simply didn't want to come back empty handed. I haven't spoken to him yet and I'm not looking forward to it.

    Apparently she also has a 7 year old daughter. Improbable is right!