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Thursday, July 8, 2010

off the list

Yuba City is off the list, at least for now. They won't be ready for 4-6 months.

Santa Fe is off the list too. The job isn't interesting enough and doesn't pay enough.

(me crying)

(not really. Sante Fe is well above 5,000 feet which makes it off the list for that criteria alone).

That's okay. I've just applied for a job as a local newspaper reporter. I don't have any journalism experience - (not as a reporter, but I have submitted pieces that were published so long ago I wouldn't know where to look) but I figure I can write and I can learn stuff. Hey, if you don't buy a ticket, you can't win the lottery, right? If we end up staying in Ucluelet (and a job like this is a big motivator), it could be the beginning of a good writing career for me.

On that note, I just went through my blog posts for the last month, trying to imagine it through the lens of an editor/potential new boss. My content is personal, obviously, but also in some cases unconventional. I don't know if a writer's reputation is subject to the same kinds of scrutiny that politicians are, but if so, then I am the first to declare I am unabashedly opinionated. I'm telling you this, dear reader, because if you are the newspaper editor who is doing the hiring, then you will see I have laid myself bare here.

What you won't see here is too much detail about my fish job, my marriage, the people we have befriended here. I do have a high degree of respect for the privacy of others; I am mindful of personal boundaries. I am required to keep confidential about a significant portion of my job with the commercial fishing industry.

If I don't get the job as a reporter and we do end up staying here, however, I am seriously considering producing a podcast about the Ucluelet/Tofino area. This area has so much to offer that I think it would be a fun thing. I've even drawn up a plan/agenda for topics I would cover. I'm such a big fan of podcasts that I'm actually quite surprised that none exists for this area. If I do get that project going and you are a podcast junkie, what kinds of things would you like to know about?

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  1. Hey! I found the job online and was so glad to see it hadn't closed yet. That would be cool! No flies on your career path, my friend :). Good luck!