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Friday, July 16, 2010

Food My Sweety makes

It's truly no wonder I can't lose weight.

So what do we have here...
Locally caught spotted prawns. I think the green stuff on top was the shredded innards of a broccoli stem. Served with salad. Reds, pinks and greens served as dinner that night.

A wee omelet for breakfast served with a salad.

This was a breaded chicken with some mystery seasoning, breaded deep fried onions (good but heavy) and slices of avocado.

And the big pile of brown - that is a fried egg on top of a hamburger on top of steamed rice, with a bulgogi gravy on top. Dan's version of Moco Loco. Way yummier than it looks.

(I promised a few weeks ago I'd blog about food. Here is some.)

Every so often, Dan gets on a kick. Last fall it was mustard pickles. The year before it was ciders. Earlier this year it was marmalades (we had something like eight kinds of marmalade). At the moment it is sorbet and ice cream.

In our freezer right now:
golden kiwi sorbet
regular kiwi sorbet
peach ice cream
cherry ice cream
chocolate ice cream
roasted coconut ice cream
apricot sorbet
mandarin sorbet
lemon ice cream

They don't photograph very well so you'll have to take my word that they are yummy.


  1. I love it when Dan gets on a kick. We'll have to get up while he's still on sorbets--don't travel as well as marmalade. Which we're still eating. SO GOOD. Especially the lemon. Sorry we missed the pickles, though; that's my fantasy for the fall at the moment. I may have to do zuchinni instead of cucumber, though, cause I'm really not optimistic about the cucumbers... :)

  2. The mustard pickles are really a staple. If you have lots of cukes you don't want, bring them up and we can have a mustard pickle-making party!