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Friday, July 30, 2010

a slimy fish dock

I was called back to work for one or two more boats last night. There was lots happening and I was in the middle of doing one thing (tagging halibut) when a net full of dogfish was coming up. I rushed around the halibut table in order to grab the counters to count the dogfish. But I was hurrying, there were hoses, and in my rush, I fell. I'm pretty good at falling, I've done it often. I grabbed on to the edge of the halibut table on my way down but it was slimy and I lost my grip. I ended up scraping the inside of my wrist leaving a four inch track of red. I didn't break skin but I knew that it would puff up and bruise later.

My first thought was: will I be able to knit?

I also took a few divots out of my hands but I was mostly okay. So I thought. Dan was there with me, tagging halibut, and he knows exactly what I'm thinking or feeling just by looking at me. (It's kind of annoying sometimes, really, I can't simply fake that I'm okay because he sees right through my facade). I wasn't broken or bleeding, really, and I got up right away and said "I'm okay". Put down my tagging gun, grabbed the whackers (the things I count fish with), and counted the dogfish. Then I looked at my hands.

Now I'm a weird kind of person because I would take a picture of this and post it here, but I realize that not everyone wants to see all my battle wounds, so I'll spare you.

Luckily, I didn't have to do the last boat. It was a good thing - as it was I got home at 9:30 (having started at 9:45am) and I pretty much fell asleep as soon as I got into bed. That doesn't happen to me much (never had an easy time falling asleep) so you know I was really tired.

I'm looking at it today, though, and sure it's bruised and the scrape track is still there, but I'm actually okay. I mean really. I think I'll even be able to knit today. After the house gets clean.

O gosh.

So the roofers arrived yesterday. The house we live in had, until yesterday, a tin roof. When we moved in in April, our landlord let us know that at some point in the summer the roof would be replaced with asphalt shingles. This is good - I like the look of the green tin but when it rains (and it rains eight months of the year), it's LOUD.

There are five sky lights in this house, and I guess they have to take these out during this process. That has meant that the landlord (who is a really great guy, by the way) has had to enter our suite to unbolt them. And because Dan and I have been working just about non-stop for the last two weeks, the house is an absolute mess. Talk about getting caught with your pants down. O well. I'll get it done today because I have a day off!

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  1. Oh man, I'm sorry about work beating you up and leaving marks. If I hurt myself I'd wonder if I could knit/crochet too! I'm glad I'm not alone. ha!

    I hope the recovery goes quickly, though.