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Friday, July 16, 2010

on the list

For those of you just joining us, "the list" refers to places My Sweety and I might end up someday soon. We moved to Ucluelet 3 1/2 months ago for a job that is no longer happening, and since we are having a hard time making ends meet here, we are once again considering relocating.

Not that we want to move. In fact, we hate moving. We really like it here and would rather stay. But there is someone in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, who is very interested in Dan's brewing talent.

I haven't started looking into this area yet. Things I'm looking out for:
1) local yarn shop
2) public library
3) gardening
4) work (which really should have been #1, but I don't want to put the cart before the horse. Dan has to get the job before I think about finding one. We worry about the fact that I don't have a work permit yet until later).
5) recreation (lakes, etc.)
6) cost of living (right, this should be higher up on the list too but really, the cost of living is already quite low compared to here).

Santa Fe is still on the list too, apparently. This is good. I love New Mexico, the Southwest as a whole, and will gladly drop everything and move there in a heartbeat. When I visited Tucson, Arizona, in 2004, I fell in love as soon as my feet hit the tarmac.

Why I love the Southwest:
1) food. Mexican holds the #1 spot (with Thai) for my favourite cuisine
2) weather. I love the climate, the 300 days of sun per year
3) cacti. I love these plants.
4) the land. There is something about the colours of the desert in this area that inspires art.
5) art. There is a lot of art in this area. Lots of pottery, obviously, but also lots of semi-precious stones (especially turquoise) which means jewelry, lots of textiles... So much pretty
6) proximity to Cool Places. I have always wanted to go to Texas. There is family in Utah. Dan's mom & stepdad have land & a cabin in Datil, a three hour drive from Truth or Consequences (in contrast, we are a 4.5-5 hour drive from family in Victoria

So yes, it's a long shot but I'm getting to the point now where, if we do end up moving, I think we can be happy just about anywhere. Did you know there are almost 500 Ravelers in New Mexico? If we move there, I will Friend them all.

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