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Sunday, July 25, 2010

long ago FO: green halter

I finished this project a long time ago, like last summer. It started out being a head kerchief. I knit up a triangle with an improvised design, and when I finished, the triangle was too small for my head.

I don't remember exactly how I put this together. Did I do the bottom first or the strap? I don't even remember the pattern but it looks like a k2tog, yo, repeat.

The strap around the neck and the band under the breast are garter stitch. I wish I'd written down how I made this because I'm rather pleased with how it looks.

It also feels nice to wear. It's cotton, so it has some weight to it but not so much that it feels heavy. It's just warm enough and just cool enough at the same time.

I'm wearing this top here over my Hussy Dress. I love this dress. When it's warm enough, I practically live in it. It's made of T-shirt jersey material and the design suits me perfectly. It's swooshy, cool, and I feel like I can still climb rocks in it. It's the perfect dress for playing in. I have been known to garden in this dress.

Dan calls it my Hussy Dress for obvious reasons - he doesn't think me a hussy, obviously, but it's a funny thing we share.

I wore this dress for much of our month-long honeymoon last year. Sometimes it was simply too warm to wear anything more. It goes great over a swimsuit and sometimes I put tights on or even my jeans if it's cold.

Yeah this isn't really meant to be a cleavage shot. Just to show the detail of the garment in this area.

And here I joined the strap.

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