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Thursday, July 29, 2010

feast or famine

This will be a brief post.

When I started dockside validation, I was getting 10-15 hours a week in the early days. Fishing has finally picked up, and I have now been working almost every day for the last two weeks. I think I've had two days off. On top of my fish job, I am teaching knitting classes at Knits by the Sea - five evenings in the last two weeks.

So with all this work, it means we aren't getting much housework done and don't get to see our friends too much. But it means we will be able to pay our bills!

I started an offload this morning at 9:45am. It was busy for that entire time, and it was only in between the first and second boat that I was able to stuff my sandwich into me. Usually there is a bit of a break in between but things were hustling today. The second offload happened so quick that it was over before we knew it. I was done by about 4:00.

We are short on validators at the moment, so I have to go back and do another one or two boats tonight. I'm hoping for just one (start time 6:45pm) because I know that, with the skipper being so organized with his paperwork and fish, that it will be quick and easy. I'll have someone with me tagging the halibut so I will be free to do other things. But I'm already tired, smelly, and really need a bath. I hope they find someone else for the last boat. It would be an awfully long day for me, in fact, it would go into tomorrow, if I did have to do a fourth.

Right. On that note, I have to get ready to leave.

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  1. Yowza! It never rains but it pours. I'm glad you two are getting the work you need, and I'll be watching for your posts whenever you can get them in :). Good luck tonight!